Working toward my scrapping goal

06 October 2008


Weeellll. Talk about an effing kick ass site! And really? It's PERFECT for scrapping, if you ask me. And, you're reading this, so you obviously did. Right?
So, here it is. (With a HUGE thanks to Julia for sharing it!)
And this is mine:

You enter in the text you want (or you can do a blog that has tags), and it automatically creates it for you. Pretty cool, no? (Just in case there's any doubt after that sentence, Wordle gets credit for the image seen above, though I think I should take credit for the words, since they are mine.)

Anywho... you should try it out! :D

Oh, here's another of mine (in a couple of color schemes). I think I'm going to use one of them for the intro page of this BOM (Book Of Me) a group of mine is doing.

Update: I'm pretty annoyed that my printer won't print accurate colors. UGH! If I'd known that ahead of time, I'd probably have told my husband he'd damn well better pick out a different printer, 'cause that one's not going to cut the mustard! (FYI, it's a laser printer, and it replaced my old inkjet which was an "all-in-one" and worked just fine. Except that it didn't roll the paper through any more. Now I'm out a scanner, too, just for this thing that doesn't print accurate colors!! When I want that bright pink that's my background color, I don't want to get something that's obviously RED and not PINK. Y'know what I mean??
Okay. Venting done.


~Christina~ said...

That is just too awesome!!!!!It would make an awesome background paper. :)