Working toward my scrapping goal

02 October 2008

Well. My first scrappy blog post. I don't suppose the first one will actually be interesting, as I'm not sure what I could share at this time.


Hmm. How about an older layout that somewhat matches my
blog template choice?

A love for all things pirate. Yarrr!!

And to follow up, here's a recent layout of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, which happens on September 19th.

So there you go.

*Here's an interesting, related and yet unscrappy fact:
We're watching "Hook" right now. Kids' choice, but I just
love this movie!! It's my absolute favorite Peter Pan tale.

Update: I remembered to include the link to the official site for that "holiday".


~Christina~ said...

I love the layout. The blog layout And the pirate layouts...arrrg ;)

Captain Scrappy said...

I have that same black & pink skull/dot paper... I LOVE it!

lisa said...

Yay, April! Keep it up!! You have so much talent, even if you just post your layouts and cards, you could keep it going FOREVER!

Babykitty said...

Love it. I added you to my blog list

Mamawheelie said...

Thanks, ladies! Lisa, you're right! I could! Jenn, I adore it, too, or was that obvious? Arrr, me hearties! :D