Working toward my scrapping goal

14 October 2008

More BOM and what I've been doing

Goodness! Whatever have I been doing? Weeeellll, it was a busy weekend, what with visiting my older sister and staying the night at her house, and then coming back to do quite a bit of housework which included taking several loads of wet laundry to the laundromat. (UGH! Our dryer is STILL not fixed! It's been 2.5 weeks since I called them about it! *mutter*) But anyway...

I've been steadily working on my BOM. Previously I posted about my intro pages, but I've done another FOUR! Yup, that's right. Four in a week's time. I'm cruising along!

Favorite Season

The A to Z of Me


(Fave Holiday)

Daily Routine

And of course I made one for each of my three kids, so total number of pages completed in the last week: 20. I tried to do the smaller pages slightly different than the larger ones, but only the Halloween and Intro pages are quite a bit different. And actually... I'm going to show the smaller Halloween one, because I really like what I did with the distressed grey paper (and also with the cu-ute skeleton head). Tell me what you think (sorry for the flash):


~Christina~ said...

You are rolling right along. Great job!