Working toward my scrapping goal

19 December 2008

PageMaps card challenge

So PageMaps is having two challenges. One is a card challenge, and one is a layout challenge. I'm hoping to do my layout challenge this evening, or maybe tomorrow, but I did do the card one today. (There are also other challenges, now and again, which you can view here.)

Anyway, here is my card entry:

I really enjoyed making this card. It encouraged me to use a couple of things I've purchased in the past month and a half, and things I've received as RAKs, or Secret Santa gifts (flourishes! woo!), etc.

My list of items, for those interested, and of those things for which I know the origin are:
Offray ribbon - that almost sea green color
Studio G grey pigment ink (it's a small square, 1.25"x1.25" or 1.5"x1.5")
Bazzill Blossom 2.5" Heidi
unknown flower
unknown jewel brad
Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps by Rhonna Farrer
Autumn Leaves Stampology Flourishes v2 by Rhonna Farrer
Déjà Views Fresh Print Banana Punch (That's the darker pink paper.)
white cardstock (straight from the Wal*Mart printer paper section)
Making Memories NW Addie DieCut Scallop (Which is the other paper, of course.)

I think that about sums it up. Thanks for looking!

02 December 2008

Just a little blurb

This came out of my mouth today:

"You're such a freak! Er, I mean husband. I mean, I love you."

Seriously? Sometimes I wonder at my oddities. (So glad he loves me anyway. *grin*)

A bonus: After I said that my stomach had just growled, our youngest, Paige, said, "My stomach's growling at Chase." :D:D

And another: Cat asked if Joel was still doing basketball, and he's not because he doesn't have time. Chase said something about Tai Chi, and I then suggested that we could have the kids teach us yoga. (In their P.E., which has four different "color rooms" of activities, they've done yoga before.) Joel said that they have yoga at home, in the mornings, and Cat said, "We eat yoga??" At which I laughed and Joel responded, "Yeah. It's especially good with cereal." :D