Working toward my scrapping goal

13 April 2009

What I've been doing...

So there are a few things that've been going on around the Wheeler household. One is that we're in the middle of buying a house. To be as brief as possible, on April 1st (yes, you read that correctly) we were told that we weren't going to be able to get the house because of the roof needing replaced and the seller not being able to afford it. And now... basically we're going almost-halvsies with him and our closing date is either the 30th or the 1st of May. Because they're also making an offer on a house, and just received their closing date of the 11th of May, we're going to let them stay in the house until the 15th, which should work out nicely with me feeling good because we're being nice, and also with Joel's mid-terms. (Three, possibly four, in one week, then a week skips--that's the move-in week--and then has one or two that next week. Bleh!)

Also in the life-front, my brother was found to have some liver problems, but we don't know what yet. He has an appointment this next Wednesday with his regular doctor to find out what the tests said and what is going to need to happen.

But our Easter weekend was filled with candy, kids, love, The Hunt, and hiking on Sunday. The latter would've sucked less if I hadn't felt like all of my body parts were going to fall off and leave me stranded somewhere. (Haha. I totally typed that as "stranged". Which while it wouldn't have fit in that part, totally describes me..."strange", at any rate.)

That said, I did manage to scrap 106 layouts in the month of March, which makes me really happy. That's almost a third my yearly goal! And to think that I only did 54 layouts in February. Thank you Scrapbook Bingo Yahoo Group! And more specifically the owner, Amanda, for holding a Virtual Crop for us! (And giving terrific prizes! The first place woman, Sue, bowed out so I was able to get the Around the Block Paper Gator. I hadn't been sure of it at first, but I realized that with the oodles of cards I've been making--128 last month!!--and that I broke my corner rounder... it looks like it'll be the perfect tool. I'll definitely post here when I know what I think of it.

Without further ado, let me share a few of my layouts/cards from last month. Hope you enjoy!

(BTW, I made an error. That should be 2007, not 2006. :P)

(Made the bug myself with my small-ish circle punch and looking at the fabric bugs. Thank you CJ for sending that very cute matted fabric to me. :D)

(That's my husband and me.)

(Caitlin getting dolled up at our friends' wedding. She was a flower girl and the groom's cousin did a wonderful job on Cat's hair. As you can see, our son had a delightful reaction to seeing her. P.S. I drew and then hand-cut out the flourish on the right.)

(The challenge was to scrap about a risk you took, so I did my current one: going through the process of attending college for the first time. Technically-speaking, I'll be going to LBCC, the local community college, first, but also technically-speaking, I'm dual-enrolled, so... yeah. Plus I like the OSU colors! :D I told Joel I saw the coolest orange plates at The Dollar Tree the other day and told him that if he didn't like my red/black/white kitchen color combination, I'd be more than willing to go orange/black. I totally love Halloween primarily because of that color combination and then you add to it both of us being students at a school that has them... it would be so totally effing awesome, I tell you! In fact, I might go buy those plates anyway. *grin* Also, there's a "little secret" peeking out of the bottom of the layout. I don't want Joel to read it now, if ever, so I'm sorry, but I'm not sharing it here either, in case he actually checks out my blog.)

(Not the best of layouts, I'll grant you, but it totally amuses me with its truthfulness. Joel didn't get it at first, which made me both boggle and laugh. I thought it was pretty blatant.)

(And I'm only posting one card right now because I have posted so many layouts. I'll post another card that I did later, and talk about the Soufflé and Glaze pens by Sakura.)