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05 October 2008

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

So here we are, a smidge into October, and I get these reminders from a "Click To Give" website. Each click gives whichever organization/charity a few cents, and it costs you nothing (except a little time) to do so. I've been a little remiss in my clicking (sorry!!), but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. The website can be found here. (And while you are there you should consider going to the other tabs and clicking their "Click To Give" buttons, too. It can be painful if you're on dial-up, but I'm so very used to high speed that I'm very impatient. Um... and, well... I am an impatient person anyhow. (haha! I totally typoed that to be "inpatient". *snicker*)

And in honor of the month, while the only person I personally know who's suffered through breast cancer (and recently had a mastectomy) is my ex-step-grandmother, to whom I was never close, I made a page about a different cancer and survivor--and this one is definitely a "woman's" cancer.

So, this is my mother. She had pre-cancer cells (cervical) twice. I don't really remember feeling overly concerned, but I sometimes have a tendency to react to things like that, too. Anyway, she goes in for her regular check-ups, and things are still okay. The photo was taken by one of my kids, probably the eldest; she's sneaky like that. The patterned paper is from the "Once Upon A Time" Stack by Die Cuts With a View. I cut out one of the flowers and added it as an embellishment near the journaling (as I'm sure you can see).


~Christina~ said...

This is a great layout!!!