Working toward my scrapping goal

12 November 2008

Holiday Handmade Ornaments

Thanks to being a subscriber to Memory Makers magazine's newsletter, I found this cool idea. I decided to do my own, and while it's not quite finished yet, there's someone who's interested in looking at a finished product, so... without further ado, my photos are below. The punch I used is somewhere around an inch, maybe an inch and a quarter. I also chose to put an eyelet, for use with ribbon, to hang it from the tree, as opposed to the suggested hole with wire/hook.

Be sure of two things: 1) You only make three "hats", which will leave you with five extra triangles; do not make them into a hat, and 2) you fold the triangles in the correct direction, so the backside folds forward (I'd originally did it the other way around, go figure!).

So... let me know what you think! I plan to paint the edges (to help cover where things didn't match up perfectly), and maybe glue in some brads at the connecting points. I dunno yet. :)


Moira said...

These look cool - but are they fiddly? I have a hand that has some nerve damage - so the real fine motor stuff is hard. I wonder if my boys would be able to do these? Might have to try them out.

Mamawheelie said...

If I had hand issues, I'd probably use a larger punch, and then I don't know that it would be so bad. As I said, I used a really small circle punch, and while it was simple, it wasn't as easy as it could've been. I'm thinking about using my large punch to see how that goes, but that will eat up a lot of paper. (20 of those large, inner ribbon spool sized, circles?)