Working toward my scrapping goal

12 November 2008

Last Year's "Card"

Here's last year's "card". I made quite a bunch of these for friends. I wrote our holiday greeting in Sharpie on the back, and see? It doubles as an ornament. Pretty cool, huh? I just altered a CD, and in order to do the eyelet, I used my trusty (and then brand, spankin' new) Crop-A-Dile. Oh, the ease of punching through that thick plastic... I was ecstatic! A couple of years ago I fell in love with those holiday papers, and I hoarded them, waiting to use them on the "perfect" layout. Well, I had a couple of Santa Days in mind, but I never could bring myself to use them. Argh! So when I decided to use them for a swap, when I made a page kit, I decided that I might as well use the rest for giving to someone else, and here's the result. The tree was handmade by me, but is inspired by one of the patterened papers in that collection. (There's a little heart at the bottom of the tree like that.)

I'm extremely fond of these, and almost wish I could do more for this year! *laugh* Instead I'm going to (I think) make the ornaments I posted about right before this one. Or maybe I'll just do those for the kids' teachers... I haven't decided yet. (Some really cool person--Leah!!--gave me the idea to add the kids' photos to the balls, and that inspired me to think I could cut the photos into triangles and glue them to the ball. She also suggested hanging the year beneath the ball, which is just an awesome idea!) For family/friends, I'm going to be making accordion albums (like the Halloween ones I posted weeks ago), but they'll be of the us, but mostly of the kids, with some of their basic likes and dislikes. These will be similar to ones I did two years ago. I'm hoping to do these every year or two (hopefully the former!) that way our friends will have documentation of how the little bra-er, darlings are growing.