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13 February 2009

Create a font from your own handwriting

While my husband browsed his usual websites, he found a post about this great site,, which creates a font from your handwriting, for free if you use their online version. Not only is it awesome that they make it for you, but it's incredibly simple to do as well!

You go to their website, print the template(s) (one if you just want basic letters and numbers, and the second if you want special characters), and then use a black pen (I used a Sharpie ultrafine point, I believe) to write each of the letters within the boxes. I did have to redo each template page once, because I'm usually really bad with my handwriting, especially when I can't make any errors and am using a pen.

And now... a sample of my font. :) I hope you all enjoy this terrific program!
Thank you, YourFont!


AmyAnne said...

Dude, that site rocks! I'm a bit of a font nerd. I can't help it. I love reading the little snippets about the history of fonts they sometimes print at the back of books. I also love bookplates. Did I mention I'm a nerd?