Working toward my scrapping goal

17 February 2009


Yes, I am. I admit it. I mean, I suppose I'm not as blog-crazy as some people out there, but for someone who rarely remembers to blog, hasn't been blogging for very long, and tries to not spend too much time online (hah!--what a joke, right?), I sure have collected quite an amount of blogs. I'd like to pare the list on the right (over there somewhere, see?--->), but I just can't. Why? Because this is how I keep track of whether I've looked at them recently or not. I just can't keep track otherwise. Please don't think that I value each of these blogs and bloggers less for not being able to always remember who is who (except in certain cases, like my fellow Yahoo Group members, or non-scrapping blogs), because I really do cherish each and every one of them. And to you bloggers, the ones who actually peek at my blog now and again, even when I post nothing of real interest, know that even if I'm not commenting, I'm trying to check all of the blogs on a somewhat regular basis. I try to comment, but don't always find the time.

As some of the younger crowd have taken to doing: MUAH! As I'd do instead *kiss* Love you all!


Lindsay said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! Have a great week! Take care. Lindsay

~Christina~ said...

Well I thank you for every comment you leave. It always makes my day when I get a comment, but I think it's great that you comment as often as you do :)